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Carmen Jackson, an alleged confederate of drug gang leader Roy "Pee Wee" Highsmith, has been offered a plea deal on felony charges in a continuing investigation of Highsmith's alleged drug activities, sources said today.

Highsmith, his mother and Ms. Jackson, 20, were indicted two months ago on perjury charges.

District Attorney Kevin M. Dillon, prosecutor Glenn Pincus and attorneys for Ms. Jackson refused to comment on the impending plea deal. The deal was confirmed by law enforcement officials linked to the probe who spoke on a guarantee of anonymity.

The law enforcement sources said the plea was scheduled to occur Friday but had to be postponed after County Judge John V. Rogowski called in sick. Court officials have rescheduled proceedings in the plea deal for this week, the sources said.

Highsmith, 27, his mother, Ruby Jewel Williams, 63, and Ms. Jackson were all indicted Feb. 2 on perjury and conspiracy charges linked to Highsmith's testimony during a court hearing four months ago tied to his cocaine-trafficking case.

Highsmith remains jailed without bail on felony drug and weapons charges. His mother, of 409 Winslow Ave., was released in her own recognizance, and Ms. Jackson, also of Winslow Street and Genesee Street, is free on $2,000 bail on first-degree perjury and perjury-conspiracy charges.

Highsmith, also of 409 Winslow, was charged with two counts of perjury and criminal solicitation and conspiracy to commit perjury for testimony he and Ms. Jackson gave during a Dec. 20 evidence-suppression hearing before Rogowski.

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