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4:31 -- 1300 block of 18th Street, aggravated harassment. A 20-year-old woman said she received an obscene phone call.

5 -- 200 15th St., bulk dumping. Two men were observed with a dump truck, dumping bulk items and refuse near railroad tracks.

5:11 -- 805 Main St., P.J. Kwik Stop, larceny. Someone pumped $12 worth of gas and left without paying.

5:50 -- 1500 Main St., Wilson Farms, arrest. Denise C. Rodgers, 41, of Armory Place, charged with petit larceny for taking five packs of cigarettes.

6:45 -- Hyde Park Boulevard at Pierce Avenue, second-degree reckless endangerment. A Niagara Avenue woman said a man tried to run down her 13-year-old son while he was crossing the street.

7:15 -- 1340 Military Road, criminal mischief and larceny. A 97th Street man said power tools, a cellular phone and a stereo, all valued at more than $3,000, were stolen from his van in a parking lot.

7:44 -- 2220 Pine Ave., criminal mischief and petit larceny. A Cayuga Street woman said her car's passenger-side window was broken while the car was in a parking lot, and a stereo, leather jacket and bag of clothes were taken.

8:18 -- 100 block of 80th Street, aggravated harassment. A 21-year-old woman said she received five phone calls from a man who said he was going to kill her.

8:30 -- 100 block of 80th Street, harassment. A 19-year-old woman said a man argued with her, knocked her to the floor and then punched her several times.

8:43 -- 2520 Highland Ave., arrest. Melisa A. Holland, 28, of Jordan Gardens, charged with drinking beer on the sidewalk in front of a bar.

8:49 -- 19th and Niagara streets, harassment. A Ninth Street woman said a man flashed his lights at her, and after she pulled her car over to the curb, he slapped her head.

11:06 -- 3000 block of Niagara Street, arrest. Frank F. Stockwell, 72, of Ontario Avenue, charged with driving while intoxicated, driving left of center and no insurance after he pulled out of a parking lot and almost hit a police car.

11:37 -- 1524 Willow Ave., arrest. Willie J. Coleman, 60, of Willow Avenue, charged with obstructing government administration after he fought with firemen at a fire and refused to leave.

11:50 -- 301 10th St., arrest. Ronald R. Wilcox, 44, of 10th Street, charged with driving while intoxicated and no seat belt.

2 -- 1900 block of Ferry Avenue, third-degree assault. A Pierce Avenue man said a man threatened him, then punched him in the head three times, knocking him down.

2:20 -- 2706 Ferry Ave., arrest. Gary LoVerdi, 35, of Ferry Avenue, charged with second-degree menacing and resisting arrest. A 60-year-old woman said he was drinking all day and then yelled and swung a billy club, almost hitting her.

2:23 -- 800 Niagara Ave., burglary. A woman said $80 was taken from under a couch. There was no sign of forced entry.

2:32 -- 333 Rainbow Blvd. N., Pleasuredome, arrest. Edward J. Marinucci, 21, of Hennepin Avenue, charged with disorderly conduct after he was ejected from the bar and refused to leave the area.

3:15 -- 18th Street and Cleveland Avenue, arrest. Shirley M. Meisenburg, 22, of Point Avenue, charged with driving while intoxicated, second-degree aggravated unlicensed operation and failure to stop for a stop sign after she hit two vehicles.

9:44 -- 18 Peach Commons, criminal mischief. A man said someone threw a rock through the driver's-side window of his car.

10:45 -- 1152 North Ave., second-degree burglary. A compact disc player was stolen from a living room.

1:20 -- 2700 block of Falls Street, second-degree criminal contempt. An 18-year-old Pierce Avenue woman said a man violated a Family Court visitation order and said he would not return her child.

1:28 -- Highland and Center avenues, arrest. Jervin Brown, 42, of River Road, Wheatfield, charged with third-degree assault, second-degree reckless endangerment, driving while intoxicated, leaving the scene of an accident with injuries, reckless driving, driving on the sidewalk, unrestrained driver, no license and no insurance. Brown said he was trying to hit a man walking on the sidewalk but unintentionally hit another vehicle and a woman pedestrian. No serious injuries were reported.

2:32 -- 621 10th St., Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, harassment and criminal mischief. A nurse said a female patient she was moving hit her in the face and broke her glasses.

3 -- 1000 Portage Road, third-degree assault. Damion Kraft, 11, of Elmwood Avenue said a 16-year-old girl was fighting with him and hit him twice in the ribs.

3:05 -- 1310 18th St., arrest. Kelly K. Litten, 25, of Second Street, Youngstown, charged with criminal mischief. A woman said Ms. Litten wrote an obscenity on her door with lipstick.

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