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Walter Cronkite, on what he'd do about TV paying to interview people in the news: "We ought to have an FCC rule that any time anybody's paid for an interview, the price should be superimposed under their face on the screen. If we were told what people had been paid for these stories we might be able to better judge their truth or falsity."

Van Cliburn, 1958 winner of the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow, on his 11-year hiatus from the concert stage: "Nothing has changed. Don't you think that's the beauty of classical music? You don't have to reinvent yourself. What was good yesterday will still be good tomorrow. It doesn't go out of style."

Director Barry Levinson, director of "Jimmy Hollywood," on the box-office failure of his film "Toys": "Look, we all know movies should make profits. But I don't think we always have to say, 'What can we do to come up with a blockbuster?' So therefore you make different kinds of films, films that you feel something for. And those are the films that you try to get made if you can."

Comic Bernie Mac, on finding places to try out his routine: "I did two hours at my grandfather's funeral. They asked me to say a few words, and I just started doing him. Imitating his walk and his laugh, and repeating his favorite line: 'I'll kill you.' "

Rush Limbaugh, cover boy of Cigar Aficionado who delights in smoking illegal Cuban cigars: "Cigars relax me. . . . Just having one in my hand seems to lower whatever inhibitions I have just a bit and bring out the expressiveness of my personality."

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