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The Spring Sectional, sponsored by Frontier Unit 116 of the American Contract Bridge League, will wind up today in the Days Inn, 201 Rainbow Blvd., Niagara Falls.

The Bridge Centre, 3065 Sheridan Drive, in Northtown Plaza, Amherst, will hold a club championship at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday with 299er and open pairs.

The center also will have a "beat the experts" game at 11:30 a.m. Friday and and a wine and cheese party at 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

It is offering hand records for evening games Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

The Blue Lantern Bridge Club will meet at 1 p.m. next Sunday in the Blue Lantern Restaurant, Springbrook, for bridge and dinner. Call Arlene Clark, 655-2324, for reservations.

No B&B Club game today because of the sectional in Niagara Falls.

ABA Bridge Club -- North-south, Bessie Fugitt and Betteye Williams, 88; east-west, Cleveland Fleming and Juanita Birdsong, 84; possible 120.

B&B Briarwood Sunday -- Howell. Peg Rieker and Bill Rieker, 72; Trudy Manaher and Betty Ostolski, 68; possible 108.

B&B Duplicate Tuesday morning -- North-south, Dorothy Grosicki and Eleanor Barrett, 100; east-west, Deborah Drury and Harold Meyers, 112; possible 168.

B&B Duplicate Tuesday morning -- Howell. Judy Graf and Linda Vassallo, 56.5; Mary Carr and Sue Newbecker, 55.5; possible 90.

B&B Duplicate Thursday evening -- Howell. Vidi and Lance Pollock, 80; Bob Andersen and Walter Bluestone, 74.5; possible 120.

B&B Duplicate Thursday evening -- Howell. Gordon Crone and George Kovaka, 32; Dan Foley and Bill Rieker tied with Florence Notto and Bob Winkler, 27; possible 48.

Bridge Centre Monday morning -- Howell. Karl Anderson and Dorothy Boyd, 59; Betty Fudeman and Claire Gareleck, 58.

Bridge Centre Monday evening -- Howell. Harriet Fox and Marian Ware, 83; Phoebe Rousselle and Joan Stankiewicz, 67.

Bridge Centre Monday evening -- Stratum A: north-south, Irving Hill and Adam Dzimian, 60; east-west, Nita Ferrell and Joyce Kindt, 58. Stratum B: north-south, Clyde Murphy and Eva Schmidt, 51; east-west, Miriam Davidson and Fenton Harrison, 57.

Bridge Centre Tuesday morning -- North-south, Ann Wallens and Paula Weiser, 64; east-west, Sandra Silverstein and Hazel Turner, 73.

Bridge Centre Tuesday morning -- Howell. Stratum A: Patricia Begin and Michael Burnett, 70; Betty Dorio and Phil Thomas, 54. Stratum B: Don and Miriam Regnet; Bob Fellman and John Giordano tied with Pinky Regan and Eva Schmidt, 46.

Bridge Centre Tuesday evening -- North-south, Bert Hargesheimer and Joanne Lafay, 61; east-west, Vishnampet Vaidhynathan and Joe Peters, 63.

Bridge Centre Wednesday morning -- North-south, Dick Czarnecki and Judy Graf, 59; east-west, Bob Andersen and Vince Pesce, 60.

Bridge Centre Wednesday evening -- Stratum A: north-south, Betty Rubins and Jim Schrader tied with Ethel Reisch and Joan Smith, 57; east-west, Emily Scherer and Kay Rogers, 60. Stratum B: north-south, Ethel Reisch and Joan Smith, 57; east-west, Emily Scherer and Kay Rogers, 60.

Bridge Centre Wednesday evening -- Howell. Tom Wolstoncroft and Doyce Coffman, 66; Harry Cheung and Sue Bergman, 60.

Bridge Centre Thursday morning -- Stratum A: north-south, Irving Hill and Adam Dzimian, 62; east-west, Jerry Geiger and John Giordano, 57. Stratum B: north-south, Nora Branconi and Jeanne Gladysz, 50; east-west, Jim Hoover and Scott Elwood, 50.

Bridge Centre Thursday evening -- Strata A and B: north-south, John Vary and Jim Halliday, 65; east-west, Miriam Davidson and Bonnie Bryar, 58.

Bridge Centre Friday morning -- Howell. Harriett Fox and Marian Ware tied with Ed Tally and Ethel Corbett, 58.

Bridge Centre Friday morning -- Howell. Dorothy Boyd and Karl Anderson, 65; Trudy Manaher and Bette Ostolski, 61.

Bridge Centre Saturday afternoon -- Howell. Virginia Webb and Alayne Tyldsley, 65; Ellie Machado and Marilyn Clark, 64.

Bridge Centre Saturday afternoon -- North-south, Eleanor Wright and Ann Edwards, 62; east-west, Walter Bluestone and George Bills, 61.

Bridge Centre Saturday evening -- Stratum A: north-south, Geri Krawitz and Nancy Wolstoncroft, 61; east-west, Jim and Sharlene Spandau, 58. Stratum B: north-south, Geri Krawitz and Nancy Wolstoncroft, 61; east-west, Steve Bullard and Dick Clancy, 54.

Bridge Centre Sunday afternoon -- Stratum A: north-south, Mary McKenna and Sharon Benz, 65; east-west, Anne O'Connor and Jane Yates, 65. Stratum B: north-south, Dot Grosicki and Rose Marie Gervase, 56; east-west, Anne O'Connor and Jane Yates, 65. Stratum C: north-south, Shirley Lyth and Paula Salamone, 49; east-west, Collette Sangster and Miriam Regnet, 47.

Bridge Centre Sunday evening -- Swiss. Karl Anderson, Ed and Liz Harman and Dorothy Boyd, 4 wins. Phyllis Post, Don Price, Bo Kawinski and Jim Bingel tied with Warren O'Connell, Phil Thomas, Dick Clancy and Bob Andersen, 2.5 wins.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- North-south, Jacques Stehlin and Walter Majewski, 212.13; east-west, Mary Ludwiczak and Charles Schorr, 200.67; possible 312.

Delaware Wednesday evening -- North-south, Julia Sorce and Lora Brewer, 117; east-west, Ann O'Connor and Kay Renshaw, 99.

East Aurora Wednesday morning -- Howell. Rhoda and Will Eagle, 81; Barbara Speckmann and Norma Williams, 79; possible 135.

Gibson Tuesday afternoon -- North-south, Rose Huber and Mary Dowd, 58.5; east-west, Dorothy Kumrow and Alice Lind, 64.

Margaret McCarthy Friday evening -- Stratum A: north-south, Maria Amato and Betty Lawrence, 62; east-west, Phil Thomas and Geri Krawitz, 64. Stratum B: north-south, Rita and Bill McDonald, 47; east-west, Bonnie Bryar and Bill Elgar, 52.

Margaret McCarthy Friday -- North-south, Paul and Barbara Libby, 54; east-west, Jay Levy and Jacques Stehlin, 63.

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