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All My Children: Dixie forced herself to tell Tad she's happy he's marrying Brooke. Later, at Phoebe's cabin in Willow Lake, Dixie met a man who is Tad's double. Dixie, believing the feverish man is Tad, rushed him to the hospital. After Dixie told Edmund Tad's wedding is off because he came back to her, Edmund went to offer comfort to Brooke. Erica and Dimitri argued over when to tell Bianca Kendall is her sister. Erica embraced her mother after Mona spoke to Kendall and took full blame for the adoption. Coming: Dixie is shaken from her fantasy.

Another World: Vicky was pressured into telling Grant the truth about what happened in the cave and was terrified by his reaction. Jake accused Ian of being responsible for a break-in at the Cory mansion. Joy and Ian covered their shock at seeing each other in Bay City. Spencer was pleased that Jake got Paulina's computer code. Cass and Frankie's last night on the Orient Express was interrupted by Cecile. Coming: Tension between Jenna and Joy.

As the World Turns: The judge granted Lily's request to disaffirm her adoption. Once the Harpers were judged guilty, Hal revealed himself to Barbara, as she went into labor. Over Jessica's reservation, Duncan offered Lamar the job of advertising manager. Connor and Emily merged Walsh with M & A. Linc arrived from Waco and saw Connor. Lily was revealed to be having an affair with Damian. Evan invited Rosanna to go to Rome. Craig arrived in Oakdale. Debbie agreed to be "just friends" with Hutch. Coming: Lucinda's startling discovery.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Under pressure to make peace with Brooke, Stephanie invited her enemy to a family dinner party. To the Forresters' dismay, Brooke brought Connor. Connor saw right through Ridge's show of support for Brooke and Connor as a couple. Keith was heartbroken over Kevin's disappointment when he didn't get the job at the Bikini. Macy begged Sly to let her continue staying at his house and kissed him passionately after Sly said he needed more than friendship from her. Coming: The Forresters aim for a breakup.

Days of Our Lives: Trapped in a fire at the Community Center, John noted Kristen's hesitation before she helped him. Upon learning the man in the military uniform was not his father, Lucas raged against Kate for lying. Jack and Jennifer fretted as baby Abigail was hospitalized with a fever. Kate agreed to give Jack his former job at the Spectator. Billie had a strong reaction when Bo admired her new look. Vivian took a huge dose of the elixir and suffered a seizure, but later was able to move her legs. Coming: Carrie takes decisive action.

General Hospital: Felicia got Ryan's confessions to several murders on tape, but later had a narrow escape from him in the hospital morgue. Unable to locate Scotty, Lucy became concerned about his well-being. Karen grew suspicious about her mother's interest in Alan. A.J. hit the bottle after Nikki told him she married someone else. Tracy asked Marco for help in covering the fact that she accidentally ran over Jenny. Jagger made a fruitless search for his little brother. Coming: Alan and Rhonda get closer.

Guiding Light: Holly overheard damaging information about Blake. Alan-Michael came to Blake's rescue by making Holly a tempting offer, in return for her not telling Ross her news. Julie was startled to find Hart and Dylan heatedly arguing on the edge of a high-rise girder. Hart later took advantage of Dylan's absence. David prevented Kat from comforting Hart about Bridget and Peter. Jenna was surprised by several unexpected visitors. Michelle's prank forced Ed to realize he must work out the problems with his daughter. Coming: Frank and Buzz square off.

Loving: Hannah admitted to Jeremy she's responsible for his troubles. Jeremy took on the guilt to save Hannah from public humiliation. Buck warned Tess to leave town. Instead, Tess stole Trisha's perfume. Ally gave birth to a son. Cooper accused Casey of trying to exclude him from his son's birth. Ava upset Shana with her talk of wedding plans. Dr. Daly told Shana she needs some of her tests redone. Coming: Trucker is taken in.

One Life to Live: Todd, Zach, Powell and Kevin were arrested for raping Marty. Kevin believed his friends were guilty, since the other three youths agreed to tell the police that Marty consented to having sex. Nora was relieved to learn the rental car she hired doesn't match the description of the car that caused Bo and Sarah's accident. Cord warned Tina not to go through with her wedding, after he found damaging evidence against Cain in Angela's strongbox. Nora got the accused rapists out on bail. Coming: Marty speaks up about Kevin.

The Young and the Restless: As Jack lunged at him with the poker, Victor punched Abbott in the head, knocking him unconscious. After Ashley, Victoria and Nikki all heaped blame on Victor for Jack's injury and the baby's death, he decided to go away for a while. Jack regained consciousness in the hospital, accused Nikki of concealing Victor's part in her fall and ordered her to leave. Ryan made plans to move into Hillary's apartment, unaware of Nina's financial involvement. Over Danny's objection, Cricket vowed to prove that Michael's incompetent behavior is a fraud. Coming: Victoria confides in Cole.

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