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Many in our society share a huge misconception about teaching. Most people fail to understand that being an effective teacher may be the most difficult job in all of our society.

We have teachers and administrators who are trying to reach huge numbers of students who actively and passively resist what they are asked to do. It is the daily face-to-face meetings of many resistant students that cries out for ample compensation as well as lifetime training.

The lack of cultural support of education is apparent in the fact that many find it easier and more acceptable to cast some type of blame on the people who face enough opposition on a daily basis: the teachers.

Resentment, criticism, ridicule and blame come with the job. Teachers are professionals who do not receive the respect and support that other professionals receive.

Nothing we can do will improve the quality of life in any community more than creating schools that provide a quality education. Young people who are actively receiving a good education are less likely to engage in self-destructive activities. These people are an asset to the community. Good schools should be a major incentive for good citizens and industry to move into a community, thus serving as a more economical way to improve the economy of the community.

I urge that every parent and business in the community that desires to see that children successfully survive the fast-paced changes of tomorrow's economy rally round the people involved in the education of children. Rally round the administrators, teachers, para-professionals and school boards. Tell them that we demand the best possible resources for our children.

It takes a whole village to raise a child, and I am asking that the whole village come together in support of the education of our children -- the most precious resource on this earth.


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