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3:57 -- 809 Ashland Ave., petit larceny. James Waiman said someone took $100 worth of tools from his truck.

4:10 -- 1600 block Main Street, third-degree assault. A boy said youths attacked him and punched him.

4:25 -- 569 Tronolone Place, second-degree burglary. David L. Sheer said someone broke into his apartment and took a radio with two headphones.

4:27 -- Niagara Street School, Niagara and 25th streets, petit larceny. A girl said someone took her clarinet, valued at $300.

4:45 -- 430 23rd St., larceny. Malcolm M. Roy said someone took a cable converter box valued at $200 from his apartment.

4:50 -- 1132 Michigan Ave., attempted arson. Nancy K. Leone said someone tried to set her house on fire with gasoline and charcoal lighter fluid.

4:55 -- 700 block of 60th Street, aggravated harassment. A woman said a man harassed her over the telephone.

4:58 -- 1023 Cleveland Ave., harassment. Barbara J. Lantz said a man told her she had 72 hours to leave her apartment and he was going to shut off her electricity.

5:30 -- 700 block Monteagle St., harassment. A woman said a youth spat on her son.

6 -- 910 Hyde Park Boulevard, Gaskill Middle School, harassment. A youth said another youth cut her arm with a razor.

6 -- 500 block 79th Street, aggravated harassment. A woman said about five people have been calling and annoying her at all hours of the day and night.

6:15 -- 900 block Niagara Avenue, harassment. A woman said someone constantly swears at her.

6:30 -- 462 10th St., third-degree burglary and larceny. Richard Kutis said someone broke into his garage and took his car stereo and a tool box, with a total value of $400.

6:50 -- 520 Hyde Park Boulevard, Public Safety Building, arrest. Kristian L. Green, 22, of 13th Street, charged with second-degree assault.

7:11 -- 2900 block 23rd Street, harassment. A woman said another woman threatened to beat her up.

8 -- 520 Hyde Park Boulevard, arrest. Jewel A. Isom, 36, of 10th Street, charged with fourth-degree grand larceny.

8:20 -- 2900 block Pine Avenue, third-degree assault. A youth said another youth punched her in the head and scratched her face.

8:35 -- 13th and Falls streets, arrest. Elton T. Carr, 22, of 12th Street, charged with third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance.

9 -- 300 block Rainbow Boulevard North, criminal mischief. A man said someone took the taillight covers and taillights from his car.

9:15 -- 624 28th St., petit larceny. Shawn A. Bach said someone took his 10-speed bicycle from his front lawn.

9:30 -- 800 block 15th Street, aggravated harassment. A man said another man called him and threatened him.

10:06 -- 1800 block Main Street, arrest. Brian S. Archie, 19, of North Avenue, charged with third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation.

10:30 -- 2213 LaSalle Ave., third-degree burglary. Esther M. Williams said someone broke a window on her garage and took a 10-speed bicycle, valued at $300.

10:30 -- 2701 Pine Ave., third-degree assault. A youth said a man pushed him off his bicycle, causing knee lacerations and a head contusion.

11:10 -- 8420 Niagara Falls Blvd., McDonald's, criminal mischief. A manager said four men broke a concrete trash can. Another employee said a man threw garbage at him.

11:15 -- 11th Street and Pierce Avenue, third-degree assault. A man said someone threw rocks at his head.


12 -- Rainbow Bridge, arrests. Jason L. Drew, 21, of East Fifth Street, and Sheila M. Voivedch, 22, of California, charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property.

12:09 -- 429 Sixth St., petit larceny. Andrew J. Brindisi said a man took a pair of scissors and coins.

12:30 -- 1807 South Ave., second-degree burglary. Charlene M. Harris said someone stole eight country music tapes from her home.

12:58 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Jewel A. Isom, 36, of 10th Street, charged with failure to pay a fine.

1:20 -- C Street, criminal mischief. A man said someone kicked in his door and threatened him with a baseball bat.

2:45 -- 1806 Niagara St., arrest. Steven M. Donahue, 37, of Niagara Street, charged with disorderly conduct.

4:13 -- 1500 block Willow Avenue, criminal mischief. A man said he found a man in his car who damaged his glove box.

6:43 -- 1000 block 19th Street, criminal mischief. A woman said someone cut the battery cable on her car.

8:20 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Pasquale J. DeLuca, 40, of Crestview Drive, charged with second-degree aggravated harassment.

8:35 -- 100 block Niagara Street, harassment. A man said someone punched him and broke his sunglasses after he complained about loud music.

9 -- 509 Tronolone Place, menacing. David L. Sheer said a man threatened him with a gun, which he later discovered was fake.

9 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Silah Simmons, 27, of Falls Street, charged with failure to appear.


12:10 -- 27th Street and Forest Avenue, third-degree assault. A youth said four males jumped him from behind, knocked him to the ground and punched him on the head.

1:25 -- 6000 Girard Ave., burglary. Alanson R. Willett III said someone took about 7,000 sports cards valued at $1,160 and female rings from his home.

2:55 -- 508 Cayuga Drive, burglary. Janet M. Janzen said someone stole a video-game system and two tapes, valued at $190.

3 -- 300 block Memorial Parkway, criminal mischief. A man said a woman broke two windows with a brick.

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