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A quote in the May 9 News reads, "Rep. John J. LaFalce . . . seems to be fed up with people." Then follows Rep. LaFalce's statement, "The public will never give you credit."

If he is craving credit, let me be first to list some accomplishments. Seven years ago he fought Gramm-Rudman spending controls right to the Supreme Court and apparently won. The taxpayers lost.

On the Clinton five-year budget resolution, an incomprehensible plan, three Western New York congressmen voted no, Rep. LaFalce voted yes.

Rep. LaFalce castigates Ross Perot and Rush Limbaugh for whipping up single-issue groups. The discontent among taxpayers has always been there. What was lacking was someone to provide a leadership focus.

While the media focus on the occupant of the White House, Congress goes quietly about its work of assuring their re-election by sending taxpayer dollars to the groups that will provide the votes. Even though there were over 100 new members in Congress this year, note that those in "leadership" positions have not changed. It is these entrenched individuals who need to be removed.

The Constitution Article I, Sec. 9, Item 8, reads, "No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States." They may not have recognizable titles, but congressmen and senators do live the life.

North Tonawanda

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