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Chances that a viewer of the Weather Channel watches for more than 27 minutes at a time: 1 in 5.

Rank of May among months with the greatest U.S. rainfall: 1.

Rank of May among months in which the greatest number of flowers at New York's Botanical Garden are in full bloom: 1.

Total amount spent on candy last Mother's Day, per American mother: $4.70.

Number of portraits of Zsa Zsa Gabor on display in her homes: 15.

Hip measurement, in inches, of a size-8 dress sold in the United States last year: 38.

Hip measurement of a size-8 dress sold 60 years ago: 33.5.

Price of a 2-ounce bottle of Starclone, a cologne made from the sweat of Sammy Kershaw, a country singer: $19.95.

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