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All My Children: Erica was forced to reveal to Kendall that she is a child of rape and that Erica wants to acknowledge her as her mother. Jack was taken back by Laurel's strong reaction to the idea of someone's giving up a child. Dixie wished Tad well with Brooke, but privately wept, as a mysterious man observed her. Tad threw Palmer out of his house when he tried to get Opal to return to him. Terrence got a response from the comatose Taylor, who later declared she no longer wants to be a cop. Coming: Making up for lost years.

Another World: Ryan and Brett became intimate. Donna's announcement that she's Matt's partner at KBAY shocked Rachel and Iris. Cass and Frankie finally were married. In a dream, Cass confronted his three past loves and put them to rest. When Vicky recognized one of the men in her dream, Grant insisted they go to the police. Joy called a chauffeur service in an effort to locate a man. Ryan realized someone had been in Carl's office. Coming: Ryan and Brett dig deeper.

As the World Turns: Damian told Lucinda and Kirk that WorldWide won't get Kingsley-Malta. He later suggested to a surprised Emily and Connor that M & A merge with Walsh. Damian reported to Eduardo about their plan. Hal eluded Joe Bailey's men and returned to Alva, where he was shocked to see a pregnant Barbara. Duke arrived in Oakdale with news that he has dropped out of college and broken up with Lien. Royce warned Michael Alcott's sister, Roberta, not to ask more questions about his death. After being wounded in a shoot-out with a thug, Caleb again proposed to Julie, who accepted. Coming: Debbie hides her feelings.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila told Eric she couldn't marry him in a room full of people who hate her, so they were wed in a private ceremony. Hearing this, Lauren realized she must tell all to Eric. Brooke, on hearing the news, felt newly confident about getting Ridge away from Taylor. Sally was thrilled when Jack said it's time for them to set a wedding date. Sly lashed out at Keith's mentally impaired brother, Kevin, after a drunken Macy caused Kevin to break some glassware. Coming: New insecurities for Taylor.

Days of Our Lives: When Jack learned Kate Roberts is his anonymous backer, he became wary of her motives and declined the offer. John helped get Kristen treatment for her wound after the social worker was jumped by thugs. Later, Kristen phoned someone to say they have a problem -- John Black is in Salem. Vivian received a dangerous elixir from Mr. Wu, the herbalist. Lucas learned his father never attended West Point and Sami arranged to have the military photo analyzed. Coming: Austin makes tentative inroads.

General Hospital: Jessica fumed at the news that Tiffany is pregnant. A.J. found Nikki in Malibu, where she explained why she left him at the altar. Jagger was caught by the judge snooping through court files. As Bill and Victoria prepared for an operation that might restore her sight, Holly felt increasingly distant from Bill. Lucy was thrilled by the content of Dominique's will, but Scotty was unnerved by it. Coming: Jagger searches for his siblings.

Guiding Light: Eve followed Mindy to the lighthouse, where they had an emotional confrontation. Kat angrily faced Bridget about her deception with Peter. Billy signed divorce papers against Nadine and anxiously went to meet Vanessa. Nick and Mindy began to pick up the pieces of their relationship. Harley was thankful for Mallet's efforts to get her reinstated on the police force and he began to make wedding plans. Jenna was caught off-guard when Buzz delivered a sweetened version of his true past and asked her for a job. Coming: Roger faces difficult memories.

Loving: Jeremy realized Hannah tampered with the letter he wrote to Stacey. Curtis learned Buck and Trucker are half-brothers, but was warned by Buck to keep it quiet. Tess accepted Trucker's offer to be Christopher's nanny. Leo told Shana he's going to marry Ava. Determined to stop Ava from actually getting pregnant, Kate moved into the penthouse. Dinah Lee was concerned over Curtis' recurring nightmares. Coming: Buck keeps his hold over Curtis.

One Life to Live: Marty was reluctant to press charges about the rape, for fear no one would believe her. Tina walked out on Cain after she learned he was once married to Angela. Nora and Bo professed their love, but she was plagued by nightmares. Powell feared his actions at the party would be uncovered. Todd broke into Marty's house and warned her to keep quiet. Marty panicked, barricaded herself in and collapsed, to be rescued by Jessica and Viki. Coming: Cord keeps hope alive.

The Young and the Restless: John allowed Jack to move back to the Abbott home, as long as he doesn't irk Jill. When Jack learned of Victor's involvement in the fall that caused Nikki to lose their baby, he charged at Newman with a fireplace poker. Ashley watched as Blade was questioned by a woman, who said he resembled someone she despised, who is now dead. Nina planned to secretly subsidize Ryan's renting of Hilary's old apartment. Brad warned Lauren not to risk his or her happiness by opposing Sheila. Cricket's elderly client insisted that she doesn't remember taking things. Coming: Mary grows increasingly concerned.

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