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The news continues to be encouraging for injured quarterback Jim Kelly.

Kelly, sidelined since suffering tears to a ligament and cartilage in his left knee Dec. 15, is scheduled to begin a vigorous conditioning program later this week, Bills coach Marv Levy said Monday. If there are no ill effects, Kelly would practice next Monday as the Bills start preparing for their Jan. 12 playoff game.

The program will include running, exercise on a Stairmaster and weight-lifting.
Defensive end Leon Seals underwent a magnetic resonance imaging scan to determine the extent of the damage to his left knee, injured in Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins. The results are expected to be known later this week.

The Bills remain optimistic Seals will recover in time for their Jan. 12 playoff game.

"He wasn't feeling really bad," Levy said. "He has a little swelling in his leg, but there's no instability, no indication of any ligament injury. So they (the Bills' medical staff) think he'll be OK. And everybody else came out of the game OK."
Levy was upset with rookie fullback Carwell Gardner for his ejection from Sunday's game for intentionally stepping on the neck of Redskin defender Tracy Rocker.

The incident occurred late in the third quarter when Rocker, while trying to tackle Gardner on a run, held onto the fullback's right foot and wouldn't let go. The Bills also were penalized 14 yards on the play.

"It's a costly mistake, it shouldn't happen and I'll talk to him about it," Levy said. "It also cost him his opportunity to play in a game where he was going to play a lot."
Realizing they were being scouted by potential playoff opponents -- and could wind up facing the Redskins in Super Bowl XXV -- the Bills decided not to put their highly effective no-huddle offense on display Sunday.

"We just felt, for a lot of reasons, at this time, it's prudent not to annunciate it," Levy said. "But we didn't feel it necessarily kept us from winning the game. We've won a lot of games not using it at all."

Nevertheless, even with front-line players in the game in the first half, the Bills' offense had its least effective showing after making extensive use of the no-huddle in four previous outings.
Levy said he thought free safety Mark Kelso's performance against Washington "helped his confidence a lot and helped our confidence in him."

Kelso, who replaced starter John Hagy in the third quarter, was playing for the first time since sustaining a fractured and dislocated ankle Oct. 7 against the Los Angeles Raiders.

Asked whether he thought he would return to his starting role for the Bills' first playoff game, Kelso said: "I would hope so. But I want the continuity of the club to come first. Whatever happens, happens. As long as we're winning games, I'll be happy."
Besides their usual AFC East opponents, the Bills' 1991 regular-season schedule will include games against four teams from the NFC Central (Chicago, Detroit, Tampa Bay and Green Bay), two from the AFC Central (Cincinnati and Pittsburgh) and two from the AFC West (the Los Angeles Raiders and Kansas City).

Where all of the non-divisional games will be played has yet to be determined officially, although it appears the Bills would face Chicago, Green Bay, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh at home, and the Raiders, Kansas City, Detroit and Tampa Bay on the road.

Dates and times will be announced in the spring, when the NFL unveils its schedule.

Because of their strong finish, the Bills are likely to play several nationally televised games. One possibility is at Detroit on Thanksgiving Day.
Bills players had Monday off from meetings and practice, and will have their usual day of rest today.

They are scheduled to work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, then have the weekend off as their first playoff opponent is determined.

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