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Not since the days of the warmongering Roosevelt has an American president been so desperate to go to war.

President Bush and Secretary of State James Baker have been dashing around the world with a Chicken Little mentality, saying, "The sky is falling."

They have gathered together a motley collection of rogues, paupers and glowing promises to help America start a war against a nasty dictator.

No doubt Saddam Hussein is a brutal dictator. But in the past, at one time or another, American presidents have politically embraced not only brutal dictators like Stalin and Mao Tse-Tung, but also self-confessed terrorists.

The present dispute seems to be over the oil field which straddles the Iraq-Kuwait border. It is one of the largest oil fields in the world, and 90 percent of this oil field is on the Iraqi side of the border. Kuwait has been accused by Hussein of draining more than 50 percent of this oil. In addition to the oil dispute, Iraq wants to restore its rightful access to the Persian Gulf.

Kuwait is a Mickey Mouse kingdom with a phony monarchy that was set up by the British in exchange for oil rights.

It is not worth the life of one American soldier. Historically and geographically, Kuwait belongs to Iraq. It is an Arab problem. Let the Arabs settle it without American interference.


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