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You can bet that, beginning right now, I'm going to be a lot nicer to Margie than I have been in the past. We've been married a long time and I didn't realize how dangerously I've been living until the other day when I read where Gov. Richard F. Celeste of Ohio pardoned 25 women who were in prison for murdering or assaulting their husbands or boyfriends.

What the governor was saying, in effect, is that the husbands had it coming. In releasing these women, Gov. Celeste effectively declared open season on husbands in his state. Presumably, if there were to be 100 husbands killed by 100 angry wives and girlfriends tomorrow, most of the women would be let off the day after by Gov. Celeste.

I don't live in Ohio but I go there every few years for one reason or another, and for sure I'll never go to that state with Margie again. It makes me nervous even in Connecticut where we live because rulings like that have a way of spreading to other states. I feel it would be wise for all men everywhere to protect themselves at all times.

If Gov. Celeste's popularity increases among women in Ohio because of this decision, you can bet the other governors are going to give some thought to pardoning the women husband-murderers in their prisons. Perhaps I should call them "lady" murderers. It makes them sound more refined.

If all the women in America who have murdered their husbands are released from prison, there could be several thousand of them capable of mayhem, back on the streets. They couldn't rejoin their husbands because the women put them out of the way before they went to prison, but it seems likely that many of the women would remarry. How would you like to get one of them for a loving wife?

"Yes, dear. Certainly, sweetheart. Anything you say, honey."

I mean, you just wouldn't take any chances crossing a woman who could dispatch you to the hereafter without giving it a second thought because she knew Gov. Celeste was there ready to pardon her.

I don't know what kind of personal pressure Gov. Celeste is under at home. It would be ironic if the first lady of Ohio was angry at something her husband, the governor, did, and took steps of her own to make sure he never crossed her again.

It's interesting to speculate in this regard, as to whether the lieutenant governor would let Gov. Celeste's wife go free if the first lady did in the governor because she was angry at him for pardoning these 25 women.

Frankly, I don't know what to do to make sure I don't get it when I least expect it. The other night we went to bed after an argument about how long we're going to leave up the Christmas tree and I fell asleep without realizing how exposed I was to prison-free domestic violence. If I'd read the Ohio story a day earlier, I'd have been too nervous to sleep.

It's interesting that Gov. Celeste didn't limit his pardon to wives he says were battered. He included girlfriends. The governor says the women were subjected to physical abuse which, in his opinion, apparently makes murder acceptable behavior. The thing I like about including girlfriends is that it gives a woman who murders her boyfriend the opportunity to go out looking for Mr. Right who might be nicer to her so she wouldn't have to do it again.

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