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I don't think you'll find a classier individual in the NFL than Darryl Talley, and there perhaps, lies the problem. Darryl never brags or demonstrates when he makes a spectacular play. He takes a quiet self satisfaction from just doing his job well. I would think his opponents would appreciate his low key, yet highly effective approach to the game, and compliment him with their Pro Bowl vote simply for the job he does so well.

However, it appears to me that unless an opposing player has his pride and dignity rubbed in his face, by some high-profile, sack dance-happy defender, they seem to get amnesia come voting time.

So Darryl, I say try this from now on. The next time you deliver one of your "Talley Whackers" on a runner in the backfield, straddle him, point your finger in his face, and tell him who you are. Likewise, the next time you finish corkscrewing a QB into the turf, roll him over, and rudely introduce yourself to him and the lineman you beat to get to him.

I know you may dismiss all this as "hot dogging", but try to think of it as therapy. After all, these guys will obviously need help remembering your name come voting time next year.

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