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I received a letter from the Bills ticket office pertaining to availability of Super Bowl tickets and I am very disgusted with the way the tickets will be offered to the fans.

They are offering a tour package deal that would cost a fan anywhere from $1,680 to $1,910 per person based on double occupancy. They also state that the NFL has guaranteed 4,000 tickets for these packages and that the Bills office recommends that this option may be the best way of winning the lottery and seeing the Bills in the Super Bowl. Then there is option B, ticket only. It doesn't matter whether you bought season tickets one year or 30 years, your name goes into the hat once, and if you are lucky you will have the opportunity to buy Super Bowl tickets.

Last year, the season ticket holders who purchased season tickets for so many years were given more chances to get Super Bowl tickets than those that only purchased them for one, two, or a few years. In plain words, those who purchased tickets for longer spans of time were given a better chance to win a chance to go to the Super Bowl, which in my opinion was fairer.

I can't afford $1,600 for any package deal and I am sure there are many fans in the same situation as I am. It gives me the impression that the little guy who can't afford that kind of money is going to sit home and not be able to get a ticket to go to the game.

I also called the NFL office and protested the way they're doing this.

I don't feel that a ticket holder who only wants to buy the Super Bowl ticket and not the package has a chance to get a ticket.

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