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Before you say what kind of fan are you, I have been watching the Buffalo Bills since 1962 and going to games since 1964. My sisters and I have had season tickets for the past five years. Like a lot of other fans, I have trouble sleeping for a couple of days before each game.

When the Buffalo Bills beat the Miami Dolphins, I was excited as anyone else. I kept waiting for the Shout song to play, but that was not to be since they had to keep asking the fans to leave the field. I have nothing against celebrating but the goal posts don't belong to you.

Ralph Wilson is a business person and he is not going to pay for them to be replaced. Either we as Erie County taxpayers or we as season ticket holders will end up paying for them.

Maybe if each of you who helped tear down the goal posts sent in a dollar each, it may cover most of the cost of replacing the goal posts. Remember the old saying: If you want to play, you gotta pay.

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