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There apparently will be no immediate changes in the leadership of the 11 committees that oversee county government for the Niagara County Legislature.

Niagara County, which has no executive department, is administered by individual department heads who are accountable to various committees of the Legislature and ultimately to the full 19-member Legislature.

Committee chairmen can exercise great influence over the county departments under their jurisdiction because most of the decisions made by the full Legislature are based on committee recommendations.

For the last week or so, Legislature Chairman Lee Simonson, R-Lewiston, has been announcing his choices for committee chairmanships and he has consistently reappointed those who served in 1990.

The Legislature's Republican majority has designated Simonson for re-election as chairman at the reorganization meeting set for at 8 p.m. Wednesday at the courthouse. Republicans outnumber Democrats 11-8.

Simonson named 10 Republicans and one Democrat as committee chairmen for 1990. So far, he has announced the reappointment of the 10 GOP committee leaders for the coming year and it was learnedover the weekend that he intends to reappoint the 11th, Legislator William L. Ross, the Wheatfield Democrat who heads the Environmental Management Committee.

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