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I recently purchased, and viewed with great anticipation, the Sabres' 20th anniversary video. While I enjoyed the highlights which were included, I couldn't believe the events which were omitted, i.e.:

Gil Perreault's 500th goal; Danny Gare's first and 50th goals; Rick Martin's rookie record 39th goal and 50th goal; Don Luce's two short-handed goals in one game vs. Washington; anything by Eddie Shack; Punch Imlach's return to Toronto, a 7-2 Sabres win; the 12-6 and 6-1 wins over the Soviets; Meehan's goal vs. Philadelphia which knocked the Flyers out of the '71-'72 playoffs.

Also, the first three inductees into the Sabres Hall of Fame; Sundae Bafo, the "Sabre Girl"; Joe Byron singing both national anthems; the night Mike Ramsey and Rob McClanahan joined the team; no shots of Bob Sauve, Don Edwards, or Tom Barrasso in their Vezina Trophy winning years.

I would ask the Sabres to make a "sequel" to this video and please include all of these highlights, otherwise, the video will always be incomplete, and leave myself as well as many other Sabres fans disappointed. Come to think of it, the words incomplete and disappointed best sum up the Sabres' first 20 years, don't they?

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