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All My Children: Upon Hayley's release from jail, Trevor insisted she return to her mother. When Hayley refused, Trevor decided to get the truth from his sister. Hayley jumped at Natalie's offer of living quarters. Brooke lashed out at Adam on learning he was responsible for the Intruder article, and later sued him, along with Trevor and Natalie. Erica used Olga as a cover while trysting with Jack. Tom admitted he still loves Barbara and asked a guilty Erica how she could forgive Travis. Coming: Erica makes excuses.

Another World: Vicky told Jamie about her deception and made him an ally. Paulina and Grant enjoyed a romantic liaison. John arrived at Taylor's house happily escorting Sharlene. Felicia asked Cass for legal advice about Jenna. Ken decided to give Rachel a ring. Matt considered Dean's proposal to turn Jake's loft into a music studio. Vicky revealed her true identity in front of Ryan. Marley refused to return from Marquesa. Coming: Ryan demands the truth.

As the World Turns: John told Lucinda he wants a quickie Dominican divorce. Colin's body was found to be full of heroin, which aroused Margo's suspicions. Lamar was hostile when Duncan visited Jessica. Darryl was shocked to see Arthur, a former suitor of Carolyn's. Andy told Courtney he wants them to be more than friends. Connor told someone on the phone that she's replacing Lily in Lucinda's life. Holden and Lily found the doll she was sent had been mutilated. Coming: A fateful party for Kim.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Clarke covered his affair with Julie by telling Sally that Julie's been writing a book about her. Stephanie made a pleasant visit to see Eric Jr., then privately wept. Felicia accepted Sally's job offer. Jake reacted strangely to the sound of ice tinkling in a glass. Ridge was miffed when Taylor accepted Storm's dinner invitation. Storm told Ridge he plans to propose to Taylor. Unable to reconcile their feuding families, Thorne and Macy spent the holidays alone. Coming: Ridge strikes first.

Dallas: Pre-empted.

Days of Our Lives: Still unable to respond physically to Jack, Jennifer accepted his marriage proposal. Cassie turned out to be Brian's estranged sister. Shane was surprised when Kim admitted she called to talk to him. Bo continued to deny his real feelings for Carly. Thanks to Carly's help, Bo received a sentence of probation and community service, instead of jail. Shane refused to take a case that would involve using Kayla. Julie warned Neil to stay away from Maggie. Coming: Justin takes a risk.

General Hospital: The holiday season was especially poignant for Bobbie, who feared losing her family if Cheryl learns about Lucas from Broxton. Carla gave Colton an unforgettable holiday surprise. Tiffany sought a "missing" Cheryl. A contrite Edge mended fences with Frisco and Decker. Lucy stalled Scott, explaining that she's working on a plan that can't go into effect until after her baby is born. Coming: Cheryl gains information.

Generations: Taylor kidnapped Sam until Jordan agreed to kill Peter. Monique figured out Sam was at Madame Rosa's and arranged for her rescue. Peter and Ruth recalled their night together, many years ago. Jordan shot Peter and was arrested by Kyle, who was then knocked out by Taylor's goon. Taylor shot Jordan with Kyle's gun. Before dying, Jordan told Sam Kyle shot him. Coming: Sam hears conflicting stories.

Guiding Light: Mo warned Fletcher to stay away from Chelsea. Vanessa allowed little Billy to see his father for the holidays. Josh's proposal to Harley was interrupted. H.B. and Josh stripped Billy of his authority at Lewis Oil. Mindy accused Harley of stealing the missing sketch. Vanessa discovered that Nadine has moved in with Billy. Lisa Dravecky arrived at Alex's party to arrest Phillip, Beth and Rick. Coming: Vanessa takes strong measures.

Knots Landing: Pre-empted.

Loving: Kate and Ava looked through their Christmas cards, which came to life with holiday songs from their family and friends. Trucker felt certain Clay was setting him up, while Clay guiltily prayed to his comatose father about doing the right thing concerning Trucker. Ava was devastated over Carly's relationship with Paul and locked herself in her room. Coming: Trucker searches for proof.

One Life to Live: Gabrielle continued to beg forgiveness from Max. Tina asked Asa to get Cord out of town. Jake and Max changed the name of Max's Place to Andy's Place, much to Andy's delight. Gloria said goodbye to Lucky and left town. Nat Olnov, Alex's father, asked Bo to prevent Alex from trying to find him, for her own safety. Charlotte regained her sight and told Carlo, but kept it secret from everyone else, including Jake. Coming: Alex gets suspicious.

Santa Barbara: Eden and Cruz found a bloodstain at Quinn's house that matched Robert's blood type. Gina told Keith she wants a big wedding in Santa Barbara. Just as C.C. and Sophia said their wedding vows, Keith arrested Eden for murder. Mason learned that Dash had previously been obsessed with another married woman. Cassie told Mason about Julia's past involvement with Dash, and Cassie's comfort led to a kiss. Amado felt further alienated from Laken's social class, which led to an argument. Coming: Mason responds to sympathy.

The Young and the Restless: Drucilla was moved when her parents admitted their pride in her, but insisted on making her own life. Cricket and Danny convinced Silva to prevent David from gaining rights to Phillip's inheritance. Lauren served Scott with divorce papers. Scott's attempt to reconcile was dashed when Sheila was taken to the hospital. Jack was delighted when, following a tiff with Brad, Victor said he doubted Brad would remain at Jabot. Coming: Brad makes a choice.