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I know there's this perception out there that working for a major metropolitan Sunday magazine is all fun and games, a thrill-a-minute life of constant glitz and glamour. Let me tell you, it's not true.

Well, OK, it is true for the editor of the magazine. But not for everyone else. We have our share of unsung heroes, people slogging away in the magazine's trenches, so to speak, people who have no hope of capturing any fame, much less any fortune, for their efforts.

Take, for example, the anonymous person who volunteered to be the model for the photo with today's Style: Food column on Page 21. Right off the bat, you hear about a job like that and you think, Oh, wow, modeling for a photo in a magazine! In color, yet! How much more exciting can life get?!

Now look at the photo. When the model agreed to pose, could he have known what photographer James P. McCoy had in mind? That he would be modeling not something trendy or sophisticated, but chili? That all McCoy needed were his hands? That he would be expected to hold the chili in his hands? That the chili would be set afire?

Of course not. No reasonable person would ever agree to do such a thing.

That's why, as appreciative as we are of what our model did for us, he shall remain nameless here. We don't want to embarrass him any further. We don't want any lawsuits.