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It happens near the beginning of the Zielinskis, page number 1441 in The Talking Phone Book.

How spacious. Great use of white space. Indeed, using two lines per phone listing facilitates reading. But why is this feature only found on the last of the white pages?

A printing anomaly, says Rick Lewis, vice president of White Directory Publishers Inc. It seems that when a book -- or any publication -- goes to the presses, its pages are printed in signatures or couplings. Which means, simply, that the book is limited to a specific amount of pages.

"When we got down to the end," Lewis says, "we found we didn't have enough listings, so we spaced them out."

And while he says it looks a tad odd, he admits, "it's a heck of a lot easier to read."

So why don't they do that throughout the entire directory?

You would need a forklift to pick the thing up.