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Ideally, the Bills-Dolphins game last Sunday could have ended with thick, white snow floating down on 80,000 smiling Buffalonians as they all stood in unison and sang "White Christmas" in harmony. The real world is no Irving Berlin musical, as Don Beebe can attest. Fans flooded the field and tore down the goal posts. Security forces feared for their horses and left the field.

But all things considered, the Buffalo Bills players, coaches and fans (and yes, owner Ralph Wilson) deserve to be happy. Happiness is really what flooded that field Sunday.

Hopefully, the issue of the goal posts will not become a major one. There will be more playoff games in Buffalo this season and they will, no doubt, be sold out.

Maybe after the next win, we can stand and cheer our team, shake hands with the people around us and show the nation what a "class act" the City of Buffalo really can be.
East Concord

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