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Q I AGREED TO PURCHASE another photo plan that offers four "sittings" over the period of a year from a company I've dealt with since 1986. Last August, my children were photographed in summer attire.

When I went back to pick out the proofs I preferred, the photo consultant on duty was rude and tried to overcharge me for the same number of photos I have ordered in the past. I gave them $35 in cash for six proofs (knowing that I was planning to spend more than that on photos) and told her I'd call back when she figured out the full amount that was due.

I wrote off her rudeness at that time because the store was closing and I figured she had a bad day. I then phoned her for the prices a few days later, charging the additional $17.23 to my credit card, but she was just as rude, if not worse. The problem is that all I have are the proofs of the photos I want, but I can't get them to take my order. I tried to call the man ager several times, leaving messages, but she never called back.

Finally I wrote to their head quarters on Aug. 23 and promptly received a letter saying everything would be resolved to my satisfac tion by their district manager. Hearing nothing from him, I wrote the company again on Oct. 11. I still have not had a response to that letter. In the meantime, I have been called to have another sitting under this "plan."

I told the caller that I did not want to schedule another sitting for my children until I had resolved the problem with the first sitting. It's time for my children to have another photo taken but I no longer need a picture of them in their summer clothes. Please try to get my $52.23 back for me. I tried to spend it with them, but they apparently don't want it. If they'll send me their check, I'd return their useless proofs. -- A.B., Cheektowaga
A WE CONTACTED THE COMPANY and they say they immediately "contacted our area manager, and he reported that our representatives have tried to assist this customer in placing her order. However, rude treatment to our customers is neither condoned nor tolerated by the company.

"Please be assured that our area manager shares our concern and that he will take the necessary cor rective action.

"A credit for $17.23 has been issued and will appear on the cus tomer's charge account. We have sent her a receipt for that credit.

"We have also written to her, enclosing a postage-paid envelope, and asking that she return all of the three-by-four preview portraits (proofs) so that we can issue a prompt refund of her remaining $35. We hope that she will accept our apology for the delay and any inconvenience that she may have been caused."

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