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In response to the letter recently saying that no one in Western New York cares about the early-season games that the Sabres play, I'd like to say that at every game there are almost 16,000 people who do care. So you do not speak for everyone in Western New York.

My family has had season tickets for over 10 years and there is excitement in the early season. The Sabres may be struggling early this season, but people do care. Hockey fans don't come just to watch the Sabres, they come to watch the great ones like Gretzky, Hull, or Yzerman who have moves that will leave your lower jaw in your lap.

The true hockey fans care about the early season as much as they care about the late season games. It is people like the letter writer who jump on the Buffalo Sabres' bandwagon in late December or January when their precious Bills are eliminated from the playoffs.

The attitude toward the Sabres in this area is one of mediocrity. The Sabres are a class act and if people want to see an exciting game, take the family to see a Sabres vs. Montreal or Boston or St. Louis game instead of a Bills game against their pathetic divisional opponents like New England or the Jets.

One last point: A few weeks ago, while looking around the Aud, I noticed somebody. It was Mr. Jim Kelly, quarterback of the Buffalo Bills -- at a Sabres game, hmmmm! Maybe even Jimbo thinks the Sabres deserve some attention.
Grand Island

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