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The Center for Justice, an organization guided by Gospel principles, opposes a military solution to the crisis in the Persian Gulf. We support the use of moral force and nonviolent pressures on Iraq. Reverence for human life compels us to condemn warfare as an extreme violation of the dignity of each person.

Furthermore, we advocate redress of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait through diplomacy under the guidance of the United Nations and the League of Arab States.

The Center for Justice also encourages continuance of the U.N. embargo of Iraq (excepting food and medicines) and other nonviolent economic, social and political sanctions of that country. We recognize the degree of international cooperation, education and time that a successful program of nonviolent strategies requires. Yet we advocate their use.

If the U.S. was willing to let the Vietnam War go on for ten years ineffectively, why not give the economic embargo of Iraq the months that it needs?

We live each day on the brink of catastrophe. Nevertheless, we pray that the actions of world leaders may resolve the crisis peacefully and soon.

Center for Justice

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