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On a recent shopping trip to the Walden Avenue Flea Market, I was appalled and revolted at the vulgar, barbaric display which was going on in a shopping center.

Equally repulsive was the behavior of some onlookers cheering a very large snake on display at a meat counter, being prodded to eat a helpless, injured rabbit, who had a broken paw. While I understand the way of nature in the wilderness, I was totally unprepared for this tragic, uncivilized and cruel display of human behavior.

One wonders what will be next. Rather than rabbits, will they be substituting kittens and puppies as sacrifices for their so-called amusement? This is a public shopping area. Families make up a good deal of the shoppers. Is this barbaric game something we wish our children to see?

The Buffalo Zoo closes when they feed certain animals. Should not the promoters and/or landlords utilize the same sense of decency?

I can only assume that the person responsible for the display has the same level of intelligence as the performing snake.


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