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Mayor Griffin and company have done their part in getting Pilot Field built. The taxpayers have done their part and will continue to do their part until Pilot Field is totally renovated and payed for. All the great Bison fans have done their part by supporting their team in all respects.

The picture painted by Mr. Rich and company over the past several years in reference to securing a major league baseball franchise for Buffalo has been a thumbs up. But now the paint on the picture is beginning to fade. Could it be that Mr. Rich and company have cold feet?

In a letter published in The News Dec. 15, Mr. Rich and his wife pose the question: "Is baseball expansion economically feasible at this point in time?" I don't know the answer to that question. But I also have no idea if there is life on Mars either.

Let me suggest that this question sounds like a would-be major league baseball owner looking for a way out of a major league deal that is possibly out of his league.

Is Mr. Rich insinuating that if he does not get favorable lease terms from local government, his answer would be "no" to major league baseball in Buffalo?

I feel that local government, the general public and the great Bison fans have demonstrated their total commitment to Buffalo in securing a major league club.

The buck stops at Mr. Rich's desk. Judging from Mr. Rich's tone in The News, his commitment is wavering or he is attempting to prey upon the taxpayers in a major way in reference to favorable lease terms.

Let the financial burden rest on the shoulders of the millionaire Mr. Rich, not the taxpayers. If you want to play in the majors, you've got to pay in the majors.


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