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After reading the Buffalo Sabres' open letter in the Hamilton Spectator on Dec. 12, I had to chuckle. The Sabres said that they and the Toronto Maple Leafs did not veto Hamilton's bid for a National Hockey League franchise.

The Sabres may not have vetoed Hamilton's bid, but they put the word out to their NHL buddies that they did not want Hamilton in the NHL.

The attempt to mend fences with a letter to the Spectator is a joke. Buffalo, along with Toronto, cost us a franchise. Because of petty inadequacies and greed, we in Hamilton have to suffer. The Sabres cost us a team and about $75 million to $100 million in revenue related to a team. That could have gone to help the homeless or local charities. We won't forget.

For as long as I can remember, Seymour Knox and the Sabres have asked people in southern Ontario to support the team. Now, when they had a chance to thank the fans of southern Ontario by helping us get a team, they stab us in the back.

Hamilton, Ont., Canada

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