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The state Department of Motor Vehicles issued a reminder to parents today about manufacturing defects in several Fisher-Price car safety seats for children.

Patricia B. Adduci, commissioner of the department, reaffirmed a month-old warning from the federal National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In November, the federal government issued a recall of more than three million Fisher-Price car seats, following an earlier recall campaign launched by the East Aurora-based toy company.

Jack Martin, a Fisher-Price spokesman, said the consumer warning from the Motor Vehicles department doesn't contain any information that wasn't already included in prior recall notices. But he said Fisher-Price is pleased the information is getting out to parents.

"We don't want children to be hurt . . . we want to get these seats fixed as soon as possible," he said.

George Filieau, Motor Vehicles Department spokesman, and Ben Langer, a public affairs specialist with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, both said their respective agencies have issued additional consumer warnings about Fisher-Price car seats in order to make parents more aware of the manufacturing defects.

The Fisher-Price car seat, which is produced by subcontractors, is the company's best selling item. The federal recall affects the following models:

Model 9100, manufactured from April 1985 through August 1985; 44,000 car seats were produced. Under certain circumstances, the shields can break and separate from the buckle after repeated use. Fisher-Price will provide replacement shields.

Models 9100 and 9101, manufactured from May 1987 through January 1989; 928,000 car seats were produced. Under certain circumstances the plastic laminate inside the buckle of the car seat shield can crack, which can make it difficult to latch. Until replacement parts are received, owners should take special care to insure that the buckle is securely latched.

Models 9100 and 9101, manufactured after July 7, 1986; 2.1 million car seats were produced. Under certain circumstances, the button on the shield strap can become loose and a child could swallow it. The owner should check the strap button and discard it if it is loose. Fisher-Price will supply a replacement button that cannot be removed by a child.

Parents should contact the toy company, toll-free at 800-527-1034, for more information on the recalls. The date of manufacture is shown on a label on the back of the seat. Consumers should have the seat with them when they call.

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