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When the Cattaraugus County Legislature closed the book on 1990 last week, there were fewer pages than in most years.

The Legislature enacted 642 pieces of legislation this year, compared with 688 in 1987. It penned 660 official acts in 1988, but there were only 614 in 1989.

The 23 legislators will hold a reorganization meeting next Wednesday, when Don B. Winship, R-South Dayton, is expected to be elected chairman.

If anyone is keeping track of tardiness records, take note of this week's publication of the 1989 Journal of Legislature Proceedings.

Printing was delayed because of personnel changes at the printing company, said Assistant Administrator George Peters.

The book contains the official minutes and a copy of the 1990 budget adopted last year and also gives brief biographies about the legislators. With the election of women to the board in the 1970s, Legislator Anne Marie Costello, D-Kill Buck, annually makes a request to delete the ages in the next publication. (She's 54.)

At 71, Marian Kramer, D-Olean, is the most senior statesman. Gary Felton, 37, R-Machias, is the youngest.

In terms of years of service, Kenneth McClune, D-Salamanca, tops the list with 30 years. Minority Leader Joseph K. Eade, D-Olean, is second with 26 years, and James J. Snyder, R-Portville, has 20.

When it came to claiming those extra expenses connected with being a legislator -- mileage, meals and travel to conferences -- Legislators Benjamin Calabro, D-Salamanca, and Gerard Fitzpatrick, R-Ellicottville, did not ask the county to pick up the tab. Eade came out at the top of this list, receiving $4,270 for attending 170 committee and agency meetings. He also was paid $379 for attending 28 Legislature meetings. Mileage is reimbursed at 24 cents a mile and Eade traveled 1,580 miles.

Majority Leader Peter Kittleson, R-Yorkshire, who probably lives the farthest from the County Center, logged 1,646 miles. Snyder was second with 1,540, and several others had more than 1,000.

Thornton Newhouse, R-Little Valley, who lives next door to the County Center and usually walks to work, logged 102 miles and was paid $24.48 for his travel.

Expenses are paid on top of the $7,000 salaries for the part-time legislators. The terms are for two years and expire Dec. 31, 1991.

Copies of the journal are available from the administrator's office in the County Center.

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