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Dog barks, bird chirps, cat meows -- and some human voices -- accompanied the organ when a beastly congregation came to church for a Christmas blessing.

Canine tails wagged and feline ones curled at the altar of the sumptuous Central Presbyterian Church on Park Avenue.

On Christmas Eve, it was a sacred carnival of live and stuffed animals.

Children, their pets and parents crowded into the pews under the Gothic arches -- shaggy-haired, curly haired, spotted and feathered; poodles, Dobermen, German Shepherds, Siamese, Maltese and pugs.

Also being blessed were a parakeet, a ferret, stuffed animals, even the cremated remains of a pet.

The pastor, William Pindar, urged the human churchgoers to raise their voices in a "Hallelujah" imitating the sounds of their pets -- and the animals joined in, howling, barking and meowing to high heaven.

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