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It's always amusing to read Carl Rowan's whinings for more gun control (Dec. 15) when we remember that he had an illegal handgun and shot someone in the hand because that person was in Mr. Rowan's swimming pool. He certainly is correct when he says that some people should not have guns.

While it is true that some people like Mr. Rowan misuse firearms and shoot others for no real reason, there are many more instances where people were knifed or beaten, sometimes fatally, while answering doorbells or fighting about parking spaces.

Some of the most hideous acts of violence don't even involve firearms. The woman who was beaten and gang-raped in Central Park while jogging and another woman who was killed in a similar assault in Boston both come to mind.

Mr. Rowan also expects us to believe that our Congress "bows at the boots" of The National Rifle Association. Actually, the NRA and gun owners won major legislative victories in the 101st Congress because certain legislators (none from New York, I might add) were interested in keeping our Second Amendment rights intact, not because of fear from the NRA. Carl Rowan is simply a sore loser.

Mr. Rowan should stick to trying to eliminate illegal narcotic drugs, the true source of murderous crimes in our country. To do as Mr. Rowan suggests, to disarm law-abiding, responsible gun-owners, would be cruel and vicious considering the short-staffed and/or apathetic police departments many towns and cities have.


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