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Q I HAD A NEW ROOF installed on my two-family home in September of 1989.

After the work was completed, I discovered an area of the roof that collected water, causing seepage problems in the downstairs ceiling. Repeated calls since then have been completely ignored by the contractor and I am totally frustrated in my attempts to resolve this problem.

I do not have the time, money or the stamina to avail myself of any legal action and additional expenses. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

-- L.P., Buffalo
A "THERE ARE MANY more factors involved in this besides my service to her roof," the contractor says.

"I was referred to her by her nephew, who is employed in the roofing industry. We met with her in September 1989 and she chose the cheapest route possible to repair her roof, which was to reroof over her existing roof without making any changes in the structure.

"In November 1989 I was contacted by her nephew and informed that she had some problems with ponding (collection of water on the roof). I met with her to check the roof and there was no leak. I did, however, clean her gutters for her and she paid me for that service.

"In July of 1990, I was contacted again by her nephew. I met him and her once again and the roof still was not leaking but I mentioned to both of them that the ceiling in question had not been scraped or painted since the original roof job was done the year before.

"Ponding happens naturally and in order for her to be rid of that problem completely, the roof will have to be torn off and new deck sheeting installed. This was not done originally because it would have cost her a lot more money that she was willing to spend."

CONSUMER GRAM: . . . To Zona Shreves of Akron from Dorothy Crandell of Reader's Digest in Pleasantville: "I have called this customer and spoken with her. We do send refunds to customers who are entitled to them. I am sorry she did not receive hers when she should have. A check is being processed and it should reach her in two to three weeks." . . .

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