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Those members of the Lackawanna City Council who have voted in favor of Oxford Energy locating in Lackawanna have displayed true leadership and concern for the City of Lackawanna.

They have put forth time and effort to evaluate the data concerning Oxford and have made a decision which they felt would best benefit our city's present economic situation and prove to be a turning point in restoring our city to its former state of prosperity.

We are hopeful that this move toward fiscal stability will attract other businesses, which will further increase the city's tax base and bring much needed positive publicity to our city.

Moreover, it is our strong belief that the impact of welcoming businesses such as Oxford will ultimately be an improvement in our own public safety through reinstatement of our laid-off city employees.

Lackawanna Coalition for Progress feels that the property in the Gateway complex is invaluable. It is prime land for any business to locate due to its tax incentives and access to existing waterways, roadways, railways and utilities. At a time when the country is in a recession and many municipalities are suffering, including our own, we have the opportunity to strengthen our economy and increase employment in this area. We should not let this opportunity pass us by.

We urge the entire Council as well as citizens to work toward attracting new businesses to our city and securing economic stability for the future.

Lackawanna Coalition for Progress

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