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If you suffer from kidney stones, changing your diet may prevent the stones. The advice comes from new studies in Japan, where the rate of kidney stones has tripled since World War II, researchers say.

First, the researchers at Kinki University in Osaka found that men with kidney stones generally ate more protein and later and larger dinners (more than half of their daily calories less than four hours before going to bed).

In a recent test of about 370 men (some taking medication and some not), the Japanese investigators found that dietary changes dramatically reduced recurring kidney stones. Here's what the men did:

They increased their fluid intake, especially after dinner. They ate vegetables at every meal and cut back on meat. They ate three meals a day. They avoided large dinners and allowed more time between eating dinner and going to bed.

Over a four-year period, such men were 40 to 60 percent less likely to have recurring kidney stones than men who simply increased their fluid intake. The diet worked for men both on and off medication and was more successful in men with abnormally high calcium, which promotes kidney stone formation.

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