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Paul Johnson's recent article in The Buffalo News headlined "India's Hindus feel threatened by the spread of Islamic fundamentalism" is a gross misrepresentation of facts and a disturbing display of hostility toward Islam and Muslims.

The fact of the situation in India is that for the more than 40 years since its independence, the Hindu majority has been systematically and determinedly terrorizing and slaughtering Muslims and destroying their homes, businesses and worshiping places as much as possible.

Now they have organized themselves nationally and have come out in a wave of violent mass hysteria to destroy all the Islamic mosques which they can lay their hands on. They are calling upon all Muslims to convert to Hinduism or else to leave the country.

What are Muslims really supposed to do? Should they just surrender themselves humbly and say that they are pleased to be terrorized and tortured and exterminated by the Hindus?

And if they refuse to be Hinduized and want to fight for their survival, should they be denounced as Islamic fundamentalists, which in the idiom of the West is like saying that they are dangerous terrorists and criminals and should therefore be completely wiped out?

Islam spread in India, not because of the power or coercion of the Muslim rulers, but because of its noble teachings and egalitarian message and because of the inspirational lives of its religious teachers and missionaries, just as it is continuing to spread in our own day in Europe and America and other parts of the world.

The Hindu-Muslim problem in India has become increasingly acute because the government of India itself has never spared an opportunity of violently suppressing and slaughtering the Muslim people.

Muslims want to live in dignity, justice, peace, and harmony with their neighbors everywhere, but if these other people don't let them do so, the only thing they can do is to protest and fight in their own defense.


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