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"Thank you" to the following contributors to The Buffalo News-Rotary Club Crippled Children's Camp Fund:
Previous Balance$41,373.29
In memory of John D. Larkin III -- Janet Kates Larkin 500.00
In memory of Charlotte Wojdyla -- From family and friends 100.00
James E. Campbell, Kenmore 100.00
In honor of Jack Anthony -- Mary and Bob Venneman100.00
Suzanne W. Hamberger, Angola100.00
Joseph Stanislawski100.00
Richard A. Fiske, Clarence P.50.00
Bob and Joan Chisholm, Lancaster50.00
In honor of father John J. -- John K. Starr, Williamsville50.00
In memory of Grandson Nicky -- Grandpa and Grandma Connors50.00
In memory of Jack -- J. Frederic Measer, Hamburg50.00
In memory of Mary Beth Platek -- Mr. & Mrs. John F. Platek & Family50.00
James Patton50.00
In memory of William C. Buckland Jr.50.00
Madeline E. Kingston, Getzville50.00
Ann W. Fourtner, Getzville50.00
Margaret M. Hartman50.00
In lieu of Christmas gift exchanges, Mr. Robertson's third-grade class, Wales Elementary School, Iroquois Central Schools35.00
Mr. & Mrs. K. W. Jones35.00
Merry Christmas -- Elmer and Gertrude Hubbard, Silver Creek30.00
James & Elenore Martin, Amherst30.00
Roselle M. La Bruna, Williamsville25.00
In lieu of Christmas cards -- Mrs. George F. Ott, Lake View25.00
In memory of our sons, Nicholas J. Jr., and Steven C. Zervas -- Nicholas and Eleanor Zervas25.00
With gratitude -- Marcia R. Frankel, Williamsville25.00
In memory of Bob -- Mrs. Robert Hitchcock25.00
Robert and Marilyn Fitzsimmons, Cheektowaga25.00
Mary M. Wilson25.00
Daniel J. Schofield, Clarence25.00
In lieu of Christmas cards -- Ted and Ruth Meleski25.00
Mike's Bump and Grind Shop, Lockport25.00
In memory of Patrick M. Flattery Jr.25.00
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Canfield -- John and Carol Doyka25.00
In memory of Clara and Leonard -- Mr. and Mrs. Al Tylenda, Lancaster25.00
Mabel S. Munschauer, Amherst25.00
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Gallagher25.00
Linda L. Breitbach, Williamsville 25.00
Agnes Goodman, Ransomville25.00
Frances P. Howard25.00
Ellwood D. Hinman25.00
Happy camping and Merry Christmas -- Mr. and Mrs. William Mueyn and family, Lancaster25.00
Frank L. Dziekan25.00
In memory of Merle A. Alderdice -- Lawrence Alderdice20.00
In memory of husband, Edward P. -- Jennie Gawrys20.00
In memory of daughter Shirley Ann Gawrys-Siepielski -- Jennie M. Gawrys20.00
Sophie F. Golombeck, Williamsville20.00
In thanksgiving for healthy children -- Rose M. Barrile15.00
In memory of Baby Radzwill-- Nancy and Bob Piehl, Tonawanda15.00
In memory of Minnie Schopp -- MMS15.00
Nancy A. Schmidt, Tonawanda15.00
Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert Colton, Williamsville15.00
Kenneth P. Roth, Holland15.00
In memory of Lucille -- husband and sons15.00
Mabel A. Freund15.00
In memory of Lucy Donlay -- Ferne F. Barnaby, Williamsville15.00
In memory of Gary Seth -- mother and sisters15.00
Alex, Pauline, Alex and Eric, East Aurora14.00
Leonard Jakubczak, Depew10.00
In memory of Sharon -- Mr. and Mrs. John Barnhard10.00
Chester C. Rolfe, Williamsville10.00
In memory of Dad & Mom, Leon Smith, Bud, Lindsley, Irene Holmes -- Evelyn Lindsley, Sandusky10.00
In memory of George W. Taylor and deceased members of the Hertlik Family -- Seraphine M. Taylor, Clarence10.00
In memory of loved ones -- Gladys E. Hildebrand, West Seneca10.00
James H. McEwen, Angola10.00
Chic and Jean Martin, East Aurora10.00
In memory of my dear ones10.00
Norman C. Racki P10.00
In memory of Kay and Bob Bickford10.00
Virginia D. or Richard P. Strub, Kenmore10.00
Erin, Karen, Holly, Robin, Janet and Patrick6.00
Olive A. Albarella, Sloan5.00
M. K., Cheektowaga5.00
Eileen Isseroff, Williamsville5.00
In memory of my parents -- Carm Castiglia5.00
Today's Total$2,641.00
Grand Total$44,014.29

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