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I can't believe the trade Gerry Meehan made on Monday. It seems to me that this was the move of a manager fearing for his job and making a trade for the sake of a trade. Period.

Why get rid of a guy that, if nothing else, plays with the heart of 10 players? Mike Foligno may have lost a step over the past few years, but his enthusiasm for the game never waned. I've always thought of Mike Foligno as the heart and soul of the Buffalo Sabres. Now who gets that title? No one on the current roster comes to mind.

Whenever the game seemed out of reach for the Sabres, Mike was the only one that still retained the right attitude. For example, take the game against Detroit. When the team was losing something like 7-2, Foligno scored a goal in the late stages and was excited about it. I didn't see anyone else even remotely assuming the Sabres could come back.

I don't care if Meehan thought the team needed a shake-up, to get rid of No. 17 was not the right choice. There is quite a selection of slackers from which to choose.

Thanks for everything, Mike. You will be sorely missed by the fans in Buffalo. No one on this team can take your place.

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