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Academic Challenge Center

South Division and Hickory streets
Pre-K -- Grade 8
Teachers and professional staff work in teams to assess children and develop and implement personalized instruction programs.

Bennett Park Montessori Center

342 Clinton St.
Pre-K -- Grade 8
The only public Montessori program in Western New York and one of the largest Montessori schools in the country. The program focuses on the process of learning rather than the products.

Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts
33 Clinton St.
Grades 5 -- 12
Combines college preparation with the most thorough and complete arts training available. Audition required.

Buffalo Traditional School
450 Masten Ave.
Grades 5 -- 12
Structured college preparatory school that emphasizes academic achievement and personal discipline.

Build Academy
340 Fougeron St.
Pre K -- Grade 8
Buffalo's first public elementary magnet. The youngest pupils explore their interests in teaching centers.

Campus School North
120 Minnesota Ave.
Grades K -- 8
Emphasizes instruction in basic skills. Limited to residents served by schools 54, 66, 74, 81 and 86.

Campus School East
106 Appenheimer Ave.
Grades Pre K -- 8
Designed for pupils who learn best in a structured environment.

City Honors
Masten Avenue and North Street
Grades 5 -- 12
Pupils must be gifted or academically above average. Entrance exam required.

College Learning Laboratory -- Campus West
Grant and Rees streets (on the Buffalo State College Campus)
Pre-K to Grade 8
A research, development and demonstration school run jointly by the city and the college. Has a gifted and talented program.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Multicultural Institute
487 High St.
Pre K -- Grade 8
Exposes pupils to cultures of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

D'Youville Porter Campus School
255 Porter Ave.
Pre K -- Grade 8
Pupils have access to D'Youville facilities and teachers-in-training. Full-time music and art instructors for grades 1 through 8.

Follow Through School
East Utica Street and Masten Avenue
Pre K -- Grade 8
Combines the best aspects of the open and structured classroom models.

Frank A. Sedita Community School
350 Vermont St.
Pre K -- Grade 8
Pupils concentrate on Italian language and culture.

Frederick Law Olmsted School (Gifted and Talented Magnet):
School 64
Amherst and Lincoln Parkway
Grades K -- 2
Olmsted West
440 West Ave.
Grades 3 and 4
School 56
716 West Delavan Ave.
Grades 5 -- 8
Pupils must have above-average ability and creativity and extraordinary "task commitment." Testing required.

Futures Academy
295 Carlton St.
Pre K -- Grade 8
Its goal is to allow pupils to explore adult careers.

Science Magnet
Humboldt Parkway
Pre K -- Grade 8
A hands-on approach that stresses questioning, forming a hypotheses and evaluating. Pupils have direct access to the Buffalo Zoological Gardens and the Buffalo Museum of Science at the city's newest magnet.

School 33 Bilingual Program
157 Elk St.
Pre K -- Grade 8
Instruction is provided in English and Spanish.

Native American School No. 19
97 West Delavan Ave.
Grades K -- 8
Welcomes both Native American and non-Native children in examining the culture, history and values of Native Americans.

Waterfront School
95 Fourth St.
Pre K -- Grade 8
An "open-plan" school designed to encourage pupil initiative and interaction.