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While reading "Animal Watchdogs" (Nov. 4), I was on an emotional seesaw. The SPCA is truly grateful for the heightened visibility -- and the agents received the recognition they so rightly deserve.

However, I was deeply concerned that there was such an emphasis placed on euthanasia. (Killing was the word used over and over again. There is a vast difference between these two words.)

Our SPCA has a proud history of caring for abused, injured, sick and unwanted animals since 1868. In recent years because of spay/neuter and dog control we have seen a dramatic decline in the number of canines, especially puppies, that cross our threshold.

There are no laws controlling felines. We are still receiving an overabundance of cats and kittens. Only cat legislation and continued spaying and neutering will cure this ill.

Our mission is to put ourselves out of business. Ideally, an educated public will treat all animals -- and people -- with respect, thereby abolishing abuse. Someday the demand for pets will outweigh the supply. There will be no need for the SPCA.

Sunny Bagley
Executive director, SPCA

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