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All My Children: Following the explosion he rigged to kill Tad, Billy-Clyde's body was found. A memorial service was held for Tad, who suffered from amnesia and hitched a ride to California. Ceara showed genuine concern for a saddened Jeremy. Chuck confirmed Brooke's pregnancy, which she knows is Tad's child. Hayley stole money from Natalie and forced Timmy to keep quiet about it. Jack wondered if Erica is faking her "happy wife" act. Coming: Brooke considers her options.

Another World: As Marley fled to Marquesa, Vicky masqueraded as her twin in court. Olivia considered a job offer in New York. Sam agreed to take the Cory job Amanda offered, but on his terms. Taylor used the trial to get closer to John. Before Gloria died, she gave Felicia a key. Stacey became increasingly smitten with Michael, who had reconciled with Donna. Coming: Vicky plays matchmaker.

As the World Turns: Connor made mysterious references to her mother. Carolyn asked for the chance to be a wife "in every way" to Darryl, despite the risk to her. Colin's body was found. Barbara and Darryl exchanged meaningful glances at Jennifer's christening. Angel secretly flew to America, while ordering Barclay to proceed with the plan. Lily told Holden about the scary incidents, just as the couple encountered Barclay. Coming: A nasty confrontation.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Darla spied and saw Clarke two-timing Sally with Julie, but was torn over telling Sally. Sally offered Felicia her own clothing line, seeing one way to get back at Stephanie. Ben persuaded Helen to believe he's innocent of abusing Jake, and she returned to him. Stephanie sparred with Beth over Brooke's relationship with Eric. Coming: Felicia considers an offer.

Dallas: Venezuelan oil magnate Lee Ann De La Vega maneuvered to buy Ewing Oil, while Bobby opted to sever his ties with the company. Bobby and Michelle discovered Sheila Foley's true identity. Cliff found out Liz was a government agent. J.R. boxed McKay into a corner and proposed to his one true love, Vanessa Beaumont. Coming: An unexpected reply.

Days of Our Lives: After suffering a relapse, Alice agreed to wear a pacemaker. Kayla secretly persuaded Kim to allow Shane to see Andrew. Roman and Isabella decided to call it quits. Adrienne's surgery was a success. Following a tip from Melissa, Brian confronted Emilio. With Mickey's support, Neil was made chief of staff. Carly bought a listening device and prepared to meet Lawrence. However, Bo suddenly told Carly he loves her. Coming: A shock for Shane.

General Hospital: Colton and Carla returned from Santo Moro to a financially troubled Body Heat. Tony sought comfort from a sympathetic Rita. Anna and Robert investigated Broxton's past. Dawn shocked Decker with hints of a new involvement. Shep blasted Cheryl, whom he suspected of having an affair with Robert. Lucy tried to escape the predicament Scott put her into, while Tracy weighed a proposal. Coming: Decker hides his jealousy.

Generations: Doreen schemed to make Tyrell more attractive to Maya. Henry became increasingly disturbed by Ruth's apparent closeness to Peter. Rebecca nervously prepared to return to Chicago. Kyle forced Reginald to cooperate in nailing Jordan. Peter got Jordan to offer the Taylors his $30 million Swiss bank account, in return for his and Sam's freedom. Coming: Peter is double-crossed.

Guiding Light: Dylan saw Sam's foot move. Frank comforted Chelsea after her purse was stolen and her apartment ransacked. Nadine walked out on Billy. Roger asked to start anew with Mindy. Matt denied stealing Harley's design. Harley visited Matt's family, unaware of a blizzard brewing. Vanessa was torn when little Billy asked to see his father. Mallet was stopped from leaving town. Coming: Sam makes progress.

Knots Landing: Paige accepted Greg's marriage proposal, while Claudia sought a way to protect her interests in Sumner's will. Anne and Nick returned from a quickie wedding in Las Vegas. Karen and Gary realized Val's torment endangered the twins. Mack acted protectively toward an abused Jason. Linda's career plans had dire consequences for her co-workers. Coming: Bad news for Michael.

Loving: Wanting to protect Carly, Paul insisted she tell him her connection with A.Z. Rio realized Abril is pregnant. Gwyn accepted Dane's invitation to move in with him. Trisha realized Trucker signed papers authorizing the faulty parts. Alex guiltily lied to Egypt about his feelings for Ava. Clay begged Trisha and Shana to back off. Coming: Trucker learns the news.

One Life to Live: Alex helped a drunken Max get back on his feet. Renee was delighted when Asa asked Max to move in with them. Gabrielle unburdened herself to Tony as he tended to her. Carlo's thug beat up Cord. Viki intended to scare Carlo. Cord and Tina made love. Gabrielle insisted she would do whatever it takes to get Max back. Coming: Asa follows his own agenda.

Santa Barbara: Eden's spirit saw another gun shoot Quinn and told Cruz when she emerged from the coma. Kelly was freed, but realized she's pregnant with Quinn's child. When news of Julia's rape was published, Dash was ousted from the Blues, and Keith decided he would take the case. Cassie stopped Michael from revealing her identity to Minx. Gina and Keith planned a Las Vegas wedding. Coming: Michael keeps sleuthing.

The Young and the Restless: In severe pain, Nikki drank wine, despite the "no alcohol" warning on her medication. Following a confrontation with Scott, Lauren blurted to Paul that Sheila is carrying Scott's child. Clint, who escaped from jail, surprised Gina and took advantage of her loneliness. David hid his shock when the truth about Vivian's identity began to surface. Diane pressured David about their relationship. Nina agreed to David's adoption request. Coming: Paul comforts Lauren.

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