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A recent letter supporting media coverage of anti-war rallies was correct in saying that it is the responsibility of the press to let us know what goes on in our world.

But let's get something else straight, too.

This is not the 1960s. Contrary to the way the media have tended to report demonstrations for peace and justice in the last decade, people who take a stand against military solutions are not "throwbacks" to another era.

The last 10 years have been marked by a U.S. foreign policy that has violated human rights as well as national sovereignty in Grenada, Libya, Central America and South Africa, to name only a few. Now President Bush wants to start a war in the Middle East that will endanger the lives of both Americans and Arabs in order to protect cheap oil and maintain U.S. world hegemony.

You can be assured that as Bush furthers the probability of war in the Middle East, public protest will continue -- in the style of the 1990s -- as our contribution in the present toward real peace for people throughout the world.


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