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If past holidays are any indication, sometime in the next few days some of our more observant readers will take a few moments out of their busy holiday schedules to call or write us and remind us that today is two days before Christmas, and that our cover story had absolutely nothing at all to do with the holiday, and what's wrong with us magazine people, anyway?

To those readers, we say . . .

No, not "Bah, humbug." To those readers we say, in the true spirit of the season, that Christmas is where you find it.

For example, you probably already found a little Christmas on Page 2, where the subject of our People Talk interview is none other than Perry Como. I mean, with the possible exception of Santa Claus himself, is there any celebrity more synonymous with the season?

You'll also find a little yuletide cheer on Page 10, where Tom Stratton puts his typically bizarre spin on the holiday in this week's Buffalo Chips cartoon, and on Page 12, where a fun little quiz tells you everything you could ever want to know about the toys under your tree.

The celebrating doesn't stop there, either. Parting Shots on Page 18 overflows this week with little holiday gems. Even the Sunday Crossword on Page 19 has a decidedly seasonal theme.

Too much, you say? Of course not. It's Christmas, after all.

And if there's one thing we know, it's how to keep Christmas well.

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