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Q I'M WRITING News Power to get help in resolving a problem with an organization called Sure Card Inc. in Pompano Beach, Fla.

I've made numerous phone calls that only reach their answering service. The voice on that line repeatedly tells me they will send the complaint to the company.

I also made a direct long-distance call to the company and told them that since they had not sent me their catalog I wanted them to refund the $20 "activation" fee they charged me when they opened my account. They have never responded.

I became involved with this outfit through an advertisement on television, the one that says, "We will give you credit -- that's for sure."

I joined them because I was trying to establish a clean credit record. My application to them was sent last May and I received their card in June. I then sent them $20 to activate my account. I received my canceled check back in July and that was the last I heard from them.

Since they have never bothered to send me the catalog they promised, I am now asking for a refund of my $20.

Can you help?

-- R.N., Yorkshire
A WE DON'T KNOW what the foul-up was, but they're claiming that they tried to send you their catalog at least twice before and they're shipping another out now.

"Our records indicate that a catalog was originally mailed on July 17, and another catalog was mailed to him on Oct. 18," says Amparo Cullingford, correspondent supervisor for Sure Card.

"We spoke with him and he informed us that no catalog was received. We requested his street address and a new catalog is being mailed today via express mail, which he should receive within the next two days. We also advised the card-holder to give us a call to our direct line. He may call us collect if he does not receive the catalog."

Consumer gram

To Clifford Mower of Buffalo from Suzanne Woodworth of Kellogg's (Slinky Offer) in Battle Creek, Mich.: "Most premiums are shipped via third-class mail. Sometimes orders are lost in the mail or consumers may have moved. We are going to reship him nine Slinkies, and he should receive them within the next two weeks."

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