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Cellular Products Inc.
Loss-plagued Buffalo biotechnology firm has agreed to sell 25 percent stake in the company one of its Italian distributors, Finsystems S.r.l., for $1.55 million, or about 36 cents a share. Cellular Products has been seeking a merger or marketing partner because it lacks the resources to make and market its blood screening kits. Finsystems has an option to increase its stake to 50 percent for another $1.55 million.

Common stock data
Latest close .... 31
52-week range .... 9 - 41
Dividend; P/E ratio .... 0; NE
Beta .... Up:--6.69; Down: 7.33
Earnings per share
Fiscal year 1989 .... --$0.10
Analysts' mean estimate
for fiscal year 1990 .... NA
Key financial ratios
Profit margin .... --80%
Return on common equity .... NE
Return on total assets .... NE
Debt to equity .... 88%
Current ratio .... 0.5
What a key exec says
"It's like a rebirth of our company . . . We should not have any major needs (for capital) from here."
--Richard A. Montagna, president
SOURCES: Standard & Poor's; Media General; Zak's Investment Research.

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