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AND NOW, the 1990 All-Felser teams:



Quarterback: Joe Montana, San Francisco -- Who else? Montana conducts those fourth-quarter rallies by rote, now. At this point he is a traveling exhibition for the Hall of Fame.

Running back: Thurman Thomas, Buffalo, and Marion Butts, San Diego -- Thurman did it on land and through the air. If the NFL decides on ocean-going play, he'll probably do it by sea, too. Butts had a career season, a short-yardage guy who suddenly expanded his horizons.

Wide receiver: Jerry Rice, San Francisco, and Andre Reed, Buffalo -- Rice needs no introduction. Reed may have more dimension than any NFL receiver.

Tight end: Keith Jackson, Philadelphia -- When he held out, the Eagle offense went south.

Tackle: John Alt, Kansas City, and Jim Lachey, Washington -- Alt's fine play has been an NFL secret for a few years. He was Steve DeBerg's foremost bodyguard this season. Lachey gobbled up some of the better defensive ends.

Guard: Mike Munchak, Houston, and Jim Ritcher, Buffalo -- Munchak was an automatic all-pro pick before the Oilers switched to the run-and-shoot, which makes life easier for him. Ritcher's consistent, reliable play remains a secret to the Pro Bowl voters. He deserves to be there.

Center: Kent Hull, Buffalo -- The guy just doesn't have bad games.

Place-kicker: Nick Lowery, Kansas City -- A nearly peerless season.

Kick returner: Ron Woodson, Pittsburgh -- One of the most valuable players in the league, whether it's returning punts, kickoffs or playing cornerback. If Chuck Noll ever needed a running back in a pinch, Woodson could do that, too.


End: Bruce Smith, Buffalo, and Reggie White, Philadelphia -- Bruce says he was king of the jungle. He may not get very high marks in modesty, but you can't deny him his "A" for accuracy. White didn't have his usual dominating season, yet remained a force.

Nose tackle: Dan Saleaumua, Kansas City -- Only Erik Howard of the Giants challenged this guy. He stops the run and rushes the passer.

Defensive tackle: Ray Childress, Houston -- One of the class players in the league. Honorable mentions go to Howie Long of the Raiders and Michael Dean Perry in a losing cause at Cleveland.

Outside linebacker: Lawrence Taylor, Giants, and Derrick Thomas, Kansas City -- LT may not be Prime LT, but even the aged version is enough. Thomas was paid the ultimate compliment, multiple blocking schemes. Honorable mention to Ken Harvey of Phoenix.

Inside linebacker: John Offerdahl, Miami, and Pepper Johnson, Giants -- Except for Bruce Smith, Offerdahl might have been defensive player of the year. Pepper had a huge season.

Cornerback: Woodson and Albert Lewis, Kansas City -- Woodson gets two places on this team because he deserves them. Lewis is a great cover guy who hits. He also blocked four punts.

Safety: Ronnie Lott, San Francisco, and Jarvis Williams, Miami -- Maybe Joey Browner of Minnesota might have played a little better than Lott, but Ronnie was the tone setter on the San Francisco defense. He gets bonus points for his intangibles. Williams is one of the most improved players in the NFL.

Punter: Rich Camarillo, Phoenix -- OK he had a 12-yard punt into the wind at Rich Stadium. But that was nature, not Camarillo. He gave the Cards the sort of season he used to give the Patriots.

Special teams: Steve Tasker, Buffalo -- The best pest.

Coach of the Year: Don Shula, Miami -- Gee, football hasn't passed him by after all. Revitalizing the Dolphins was accomplishment enough. Not allowing them to fold after the Washington beating made the season all the sweeter. Honorable mention to Chuck Knox.

MVP: Bruce Smith.

Offensive player: Montana.

Defensive player: Bruce.

Offensive rookie: Jeff George, Indianapolis quarterback -- Emmitt Smith, the Dallas running back, would have been a worthy pick. So would Richmond Webb, the Miami tackle. But George was reinstalled as Indy's starting quarterback at a time when the Colts were playing like cadavers. They have won four games with him in the lineup, sterling evidence.

Defensive rookie: Safety Mark Carrier, Chicago -- Central to the Bears' comeback.

Comeback player: Miami corner Tim McKyer.

Assistant coach: Tom Olividotti, Miami -- Where many failed, he hit it big.

Honorable mention to Ted Marchibroda, Bills' offensive coordinator.


OFFENSE: Wide Receiver: Reed and Anthony Miller, San Diego; Tight end: Rodney Holman, Cincinnati; Tackle: Alt and Webb; Guard: Ritcher and Munchak; Center: Hull; Quarterback: Jim Kelly, Buffalo; Running back: Thomas and Butts; Place-kicker: Lowery; Kick returner: Woodson.


End: Smith and Jeff Cross, Miami; Nose tackle: Saleaumua; Defensive tackle: Childress; Outside linebacker: Darryl Talley, Buffalo, and Thomas, Kansas City; Inside linebacker: Offerdahl and Gary Plummer, San Diego; Cornerback: Lewis and Woodson; Safety: Williams and Carnell Lake, Pittsburgh; Punter: Reggie Robey, Miami; Special teams: Tasker.

Coach: Shula; MVP: Bruce; Offense: Kelly; Defense: Bruce; Offensive rookie: George; Defensive rookie: Linebacker Percy Snow, Kansas City.



Quarterback: Montana; Running back: Barry Sanders, Detroit, and Neil Anderson, Chicago; Wide receiver: Rice and Andre Rison, Atlanta; Tight end: Jackson; Tackle: Lachey and Luis Sharpe, Phoenix; Guard: Harris Barton, San Francisco, and Bill Fralic, Atlanta; Center: Brad Oates, Giants; Place-kicker: Kevin Butler, Chicago; Kick returner: Dave Meggett, Giants; Special teams: Reyna Thompson, Giants.


End: White and Richard Dent, Chicago; Nose tackle: Erik Howard, Giants; Defensive tackle: Henry Thomas, Minnesota; Outside linebacker: Taylor and Ken Harvey, Phoenix; Inside linebacker: Johnson and Seth Joyner, Philadelphia; Cornerback: Isaac Holt, Dallas, and Donnell Woolford, Chicago; Safety: Lott and Browner; Punter: Camarillo.

Coach: Mike Ditka, Chicago; MVP: Montana; Offensive player: Montana; Defensive player: Pepper Johnson, Giants; Offensive rookie: Running back Emmitt Smith, Dallas; Defensive rookie: Carrier.



Quarterback: George, Indianapolis; Running back: Smith, Dallas, and Johnny Johnson, Phoenix; Wide receivers: Fred Barnett, Philadelphia, and Rob Moore, Jets; Tight end: Eric Green, Pittsburgh; Tackles: Webb, Miami, and Leo Goeas, San Diego; Guard: Keith Sims, Miami, and Dave Szot, Kansas City; Center: Tim Grunhard, Kansas City; Place-kicker: Steve Christie, Tampa Bay.


End: Renaldo Turnbull, New Orleans, and Ray Agnew, New England; Nose tackle: Tory Epps, Atlanta; Defensive tackle: Jimmy Jones, Dallas; Outside linebacker: James Francis, Cincinnati, and Chris Singleton, New England; Inside linebacker: Aaron Wallace, Raiders, and Junior Seau, San Diego; Cornerback: J.D. Williams, Buffalo, and Ben Smith, Philadelphia; Safety: Carrier and Robert Blackmon, Seattle; Punter: Keith English, Rams; Kick returner: Chris Warren, Seattle.

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