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If you're single and live on Elmwood Avenue, it's almost impossible not to at least think about going to a bar on Saturday night.

Add that Toons, on the Elmwood Strip, is one of the few bars in Buffalo which has excellent physical accessibility, and you might imagine that a few of their patrons would be persons with adaptive equipment.

This is why it's so surprising to me that the management of Toons disabled one of their own patrons on Dec. 8 by asking him to leave the dance floor. Was he a little too rowdy for the management? No. He and his wheelchair were "taking up too much space." Or so he was told.

What is surprising here is not the attitude of management. Those of us who are "alternatively normal" are quite used to running into this. What is surprising is that the management at Toons sits smugly back today, believing that their bar is truly accessible to us -- merely because their bathrooms are equipped with grab rails and a few extra feet of turning space.

Executive Director
Independent Living Center

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