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The leader of the group that will choose Steven B. Sample's successor as University at Buffalo president said Friday he wanted to clarify remarks he made about the secrecy of the search process.

During an interview Dec. 13, M. Robert Koren, a Buffalo attorney who heads the presidential search advisory committee, stressed that utmost secrecy will surround the group's deliberations.

He said he might even keep the names of the committee members choosing the president a secret.

But Koren said Friday he wanted to make sure those remarks were not "misinterpreted" and announced that he plans to make the names of the committee public.

He said the leaders of the UB Faculty Senate, the Professional Staff Senate, Undergraduate Student Association, Graduate Student Association and University Alumni Association have been asked to select individuals to serve on the search committee.

The Faculty Senate will choose three representatives and one alternate. Each of the other organizations will select one representative and one alternate.

"They select their own representatives," Koren said.

In addition, Koren will appoint four members of the UB Council to form the full, 12-member search advisory committee.

"The process of selection is open," said Koren. "However, the actual business of the committee is highly confidential. There has been some confusion over the distinction between process and substance."

Members of the search advisory committee will be announced publicly as soon as all the names from the various constituent organizations are in, sometime after Jan. 11, Koren said.

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