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The Buffalo Investors Group's 1991 line up of monthly programs will include a heavy emphasis on how to be successful with rental real estate during difficult economic times.

"No doubt about it, we face some unusual times ahead," said William F. Lisnerski, president of Buffalo Investors Group. "Most people are now willing to use the 'R' word to describe the national economy, and 1991 will bring some real challenges, especially for real estate investors and property owners and managers. Much of B.I.G.'s focus next year will be on how to find, buy, and manage property effectively during difficult times, and how to deal with the unusual conditions that are a part of every economic downturn," said Lisnerski.

"Right now, for example, interest rates are dropping, and when they decline a few points, it's time to seriously consider refinancing. That's just one of the things we will look at -- when you should refinance and how to prepare yourself for it. The key to riding out a slowdown is not only being able to take advantage of it, but to do so via wise decisions," said Lisnerski.

Lisnerski, who has served as president of B.I.G. for the past four years, began investing in area property seven years ago. One of his first acquisitions was a twelve-unit building, which he purchased with several partners. Since then, he has bought and sold a variety of properties, including single-family homes, doubles, triples, strip plazas, commercial property, and new homes. He is president of Real Estate Empires, Inc. and Buffalo Properties Unlimited.

One of the largest and oldest educational real estate programs in Western New York, B.I.G. will forego its December meeting due to the Christmas holiday and resume regular meetings next January 29 at the Buffalo Hilton Hotel. The January meeting will be a panel of charter members of B.I.G. who will review the past ten years and look ahead at what the next decade has in store for area real estate investors.

In 1991, B.I.G. will also continue to lobby politicians and various organizations and agencies on behalf of area property owners, said Lisnerski, on a wide range of issues, including voucher reform and proposed legislation to licence property investors in Buffalo.

"Our role will not necessarily be adversarial," said Lisnerski, "but rather to keep decision makers properly informed and to make sure the property owners' and investors' point of view is presented fully."

Buffalo Investors Group will also sponsor a number of one-day seminars in 1991 on how to finance, rehabilitate, and manage income property. They will be held in addition to monthly meetings at dates to be announced.

Buffalo Investors Group is a non-profit educational organization for people interested in learning how to become more effective with residential and commercial rental property and with keeping up with the latest trends in real estate, especially in Western New York.

Founded in 1978, the group offers members free monthly meetings, a free monthly property management club, educational seminars at reduced costs, and other programs and benefits.

Annual dues are $75 for individual members. Special rates are also available for husband and wife memberships. Monthly meeting fees can be applied toward annual dues for thirty days after a meeting.

The group includes members who own apartments and other types of residential and commercial rental property throughout Western New York. The group meets the last Tuesday of each month at the Buffalo Hilton Hotel.

For more information, area residents can call 668-0094.

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