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There's something downtown Buffalo shoppers should know about the taxi stand on Court and Main streets that is there for their convenience.

Take the first car, please.

After you finish your shopping or other business downtown, you're tired and anxious to get home. You'll see a lineup of cabs at your service. It's tempting to jump into the nearest cab at the rear of the line.

However, be patient and take the first car in the front of the line. The driver in the first car has been in line for an hour and is waiting his turn. You shouldn't jump into the rear car. That driver has just pulled up, and should wait his turn. The guy on the end is trying to steal from his co-workers, and trying to get you to assist him in his deed.

If you get in the car with him, you're getting into the car with a thief.

As a taxi driver, I have spoken to many colleagues who say it's hopeless. They can't imagine cooperation among the drivers.

Riders and drivers -- let's work together to make taking care of business in downtown Buffalo a peaceful event.


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